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Practice The Practice of Prayer

Practice The Practice of Prayer

Having a baby is one of life's most precious blessings and largest gifts. It can also for many women a scary time, while for others can be one of the most amazing times of one’s life. No matter what it may be for you a good practice to make during your pregnancy and to continue throughout your child's life is the practice of praying for your child.

You may have been praying for having a baby to become a reality to you for a long time or you may have gotten pregnant easily without giving it much thought or prayer, either way the pregnancy is a gift from God. He has given you an ultimate blessing as well as the ultimate responsibility. For both we should send up a prayer; a prayer of thanksgiving as well as prayers to ask for wisdom to raise the child in the ways of God. There will no doubt be days in the child's life when you will definitely have to bathe him or her in prayer.

Therefore, starting their days even before here on earth with your prayers is a wonderful thing to do. You can begin now to pray for the days of their lives, the relationships and friendships they will form, the decisions that they will make, the lessons that they will learn, all you can begin to pray for before they are even born.

Begin now to practice the practice of prayer, you won't regret that you did.

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