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Precious in His Sight

Precious in His Sight

All too often as adults we send the children away. We make them eat at a separate table at family gatherings, we shush them, or we rush them away to play so that they do not disturb the adults. It truly is a sad reality. Children are a blessing, a gift from God and they are “precious in His sight”.

I recall the Bible story of Jesus and the little children. The area around where Jesus stood was crowded, but the father wanted his children to receive Jesus' blessing. The people in the crowd tried to send them away, but gentle Jesus said, “let the children come unto me”.

Jesus then told the crowd how they too needed to be like these little children. He commended the children for their childlike faith, and he blessed them. If Jesus took time out for the children, shouldn't we?

The next time you are gathered with adults, chatting and enjoying each other, do not forget the children, do not hastily send them away. Remember Jesus' words and what He took the time to do. Remember that they are “precious in His sight” and therefore should be in ours as well.

Thank God for the blessings of not only your own children, but the children around you. Watch them and witness what you can learn from them, the faith and wonder of children that God puts in them it is something we can both enjoy and learn from, it is why God made them the way that He did, to be a blessing to many.

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