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The Dedicating of a Baby to the Lord

The Dedicating of a Baby to the Lord

Your baby is a gift from the Lord. As Christians we believe this and accept this gift with open arms, as a result you may choose to dedicate your baby to the Lord. To the bringing up and raising of your baby as the Bible says. You will live by the verse in Proverbs, “Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.”

Dedicating your baby to the Lord is a wonderful practice. Many churches have baby dedication services that will allow you to do this as a public act. However, even if this is not a possibility you and your spouse can easily make this dedication between each other and the Lord.

You may want to choose a verse of Scripture for you child, write them a letter and buy them their first Bible. Take pictures of the special day as it will be one you surely want to remember. When your child gets old enough to understand you can show them the pictures and explain to them what you did. They can understand that you want them to love Jesus and obey Him. This is the perfect way to begin sharing Jesus' plan of salvation with your child.

Just think how the act of dedication can make such a lasting impact on the life of your family. What a wonderful decision to make.

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